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Ramez crazy crazy official episode 25 ~ Ramez crazy crazy official episode 25 exclusively through mbc channel

Your news site, Egypt Sport, presents you with the date of the official Ramez Majnoon Program Episode 23, which is shown throughout the month of Ramadan, and through his episodes Ramez Jalal continues to entrap his guests through the prank that he signs them through through the broadcaster Arwa, who deceives the guest as if they presented a program about the truth .

But the program is completely different, as it is a mold in which the guest falls, as is broadcast in the episode when the broadcaster Arwa lures the victim to the chair that all participants fear when Ramiz gets out of the image after Arwa asks questions about that image, and then start the horrific events and provoke Ramiz to them from During asking questions to them, he says to them: What do you think of my hair color, so that he sprinkles the color on the victim’s hair, and other than the slander makes them praise him and sing to him, after threatening them with the wheelchair and the electricity that appeals them.

After that comes the last stage of the program, which is after the victim’s death, it is very natural for the victim to run after Ramiz to receive from him, but he did not know that Ramiz was really an official madman, because Ramiz did not end his prank with him, because Ramiz set up an ambush for him by making the victim run backward to fall in The water pool, which makes the guest doubt every moment that they are exposed to a new impact.

The date of the official Ramez Majnoon program and the broadcast channel

Some people search for the date of the official Ramez Majnoon program about the date of broadcasting the program that broadcasts to him, and we here in Egypt Sport offer you the date, the official Ramez Majnoon program will be transferred via the MBC channel at exactly half past six in Egypt time, and at half past seven Mecca.

the moonHesitationFEC / SR
Nile Sat11449 (H)27500 – 5/6
Nile Sat11449 (H)27500 – 5/6


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