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Rami Rabiaa requests an additional 4 million pounds to activate his contract with Al-Ahly

Rami Rabiaa, defender of Al-Ahly club, refuses to activate his new contract with his club before placing the value agreed upon with Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of the ball before signing him for a white during the last period, and it was learned on the seventh day that Rami Rabiaa asked to add 4 million additional to the value of his contract after he was surprised by his award 6 Millions of pounds annually, at the time that Mr. Abdel Hafeez had promised him to obtain 10 million pounds in one season, and Rabia and Abdel Hafeez’s statements conflicted, as the former confirmed that he had not reached an agreement regarding the extension of his contract that ends with the red team at the end of the current season, and that he signed only to start Negotiation, at the time, Syed Abed Hafeez for the international defender formally extended his contract for two seasons additional end of last season.

Rami Rabiaa believes that the interviewer placed for him is not commensurate with his artistic value and being one of the captain of the team, to consider himself he did not sign these contracts and asked Mr. Abdel Hafeez to redeem them, and Ramy Rabia raised the matter to the Planning and Administration Committee of the club to discuss the matter again, especially as Rabiaa sees that he rejected many Among the tempting European offers throughout the past period to continue with the team, given the team’s need for his efforts, and the planning committee, as well as Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president and supervisor of the ball file, are scheduled to end by amending the player’s contract before registering it and reaching a compromise formula with Rami Rabiaa after not reaching an agreement with Sayed Abd H Prison director of the ball.

While Rami Rabiaa confirmed that he was practicing individual exercises in light of voluntary isolation until facing the Corona virus, Ramy Rabia added that the technical director sent a complete program for players to deal with during the period of leave that they got to maintain fitness.

Rabiaa explained that he is happy with the confidence of the technical director during the current period, pointing out that he feels satisfied with the level he offers during the current period, and the young international player stressed his readiness at any time if he joined the first national team, indicating that he endures at times because of the joy he sees. In the eyes of the masses and their reaction to the level it presents before the activity stops.



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