Ramy Imam’s daughter takes a picture of him on “a blind” with an Instagram filter to reduce the size of his head

Share the director ramy imam, His followers and fans, in a sarcastic way of him, in which he appears with a significantly smaller head size, as a result of filming with the “Filter” Instagram, which is working to add some changes in the shape, through his personal account on the Instagram website, to comment, “When your daughter portrays you while heedless, Roquia Imam,” The photo quickly attracted the admiration of many of Imam’s followers, who added their sarcastic comments to the photo within minutes of its publication.

The latest appearance of director Ramy Imam

And the obituary of Imam, Mahmoud Al-Lawzi, the father of the artist, Yousra Al-Lawzi, who died a few days ago, as he was keen to bid him farewell with moving words through his account on the “Instagram” website, and wrote: “This man is the one who loved me in the theater, although I was born in the theater, I spent with him the best years of my life At university, I worked with him as an actor while I was a student at the university and I was twenty years old.”

Ramy Imam’s disappearance from social media

For several months, Imam was keen to reassure his followers and fans about him through the Al-Astori feature through his account on Instagram, due to his long absence from communicating with his fans through his accounts on the social media, as he confirmed during his speech, referring his absence to many things, including his thinking about his children, his family and the future. And what will he do about it, in addition to the general mood and the spread of Corona, which makes him try to live in the best possible way, stressing at the same time on everyone the need to believe that the next is better.

Ramy Emam


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