Ramy Radwan asks Amal Maher to acquit him.. How did you respond?

12:07 p.m

Friday 01 July 2022

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

The announcer, Ramy Radwan, asked the artist Amal Maher to exonerate him in front of the audience, while she participated in a telephone interview with him on the “Evening DMC” program, intending to assure the audience that he asked her to appear with him with a voice and a picture, but she preferred to appear only with the voice.

Amal said, “You told me a lot, but I apologized because I was tired, and this is the reason why I learned live.”

Amal Maher confirmed that she is still suffering from her health crisis, after she was infected with the Corona virus, adding, “I am unable to speak.” And I apologize to the public, I was in a very bad condition, very tired, the Covid made me terribly tired, as you know, it differs from person to person, I have: shortness of breath, headache, and my bones, there is nothing that is not present, thank God I was where and I stayed.”

Amal indicated that she was infected more than once with Corona, explaining, “Corona and I are friends, not the first time.

The artist, Amal Maher, appeared for the first time two days ago, after a long period of absence, to reassure the audience and congratulate him on the anniversary of the June 30 revolution.

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