Rania Youssef with an exciting view of the yacht and fails to hide the swimsuit

The Egyptian actress published Raniya YousifA new photo on her personal page on the social networking site, which the followers described as “bold”.
The picture appeared on a yacht wearing a red swimsuit, and she tried to cover it with cash, but the way the picture was taken and the air did not help her, which made the swimsuit appear, and this sparked controversy among the followers.
Rania also wrote a comment on the photo, saying: “Good morning.”
This is not the first time that Rania has appeared daring in her clothes, as she published a new photo showing her wearing very short shorts with a tight “buddy”.
Soon, the comments were flooded with a picture Raniya Yousif The corrected one on her clothes, as some considered it exaggerated, while others considered that it looks beautiful and full of femininity.

Raniya Yousif Accused of seeking erotic acts

After receiving many criticisms for her sexy clothes and bold statements, Youssef, the dancer, “Jawhara” participated in an exciting dance link, and appeared in the video, dancing boldly in a short dress.
The pioneers of the communication sites circulated this clip, which combines Rania Youssef and the dancer, Jawhara.
Followers’ comments flooded through the communication sites between fans of Rania Youssef’s skill in dancing, criticism of her boldness, and accusations of seeking erotic acts and a sense of irresponsibility.

The lawsuit between Faris and Rania

The court decided to postpone the lawsuit filed by the Iraqi media, Nizar Al-Faris, in which he demands compensation of 5 million pounds for insulting and defamation.
The lawsuit demanded compensation of 5 million pounds for what was done Raniya Yousif From insulting, slandering and defaming the Iraqi media on social networking sites, the lawsuit added that Al-Faris blessed Youssef with the verdict of her innocence of the accusations against her after hosting her in an episode of his program “With Al-Fares”, and the harsh criticism that followed this ruling, to be surprised by accusing him at times of harassment. At other times, she describes him as “dishonorable”.

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