After, in the month of July, the Invima will order the recall of all Ranitidine tablet lots, after detecting Nitrosamines, a probably carcinogenic substance. The health authority extends this measure also to the same medicine, but in injectable solution.

“He National Institute of Food and Drug Surveillance, Invima, informs that the preventive recall of all batches of drugs with active substance Ranitidine Solution for injection, due to the possible risk of the presence of unacceptable levels of Nitrosamina nitrosodimetilamina (NDMA) on the product ”, dictates the alert.

The Invima explains that Nitrosamines are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as probable causes of cancer and can also be found in tobacco smoke, some processed foods and in certain toiletries.

It is important to note that this drug is usually used in medical emergencies, related to gastric ulcers.

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