It was the event of the early 2000s. For several years, the star Academy will be the heyday of TF1, highlighting young candidates who have, for some, become stars. We necessarily think of Jenifer, big winner of the very first edition. But, besides the talents, it was the teachers who saw their notoriety explode. At the time, Kamel Ouali taught dance, Armande Altaï singing and Raphaëlle Ricci scenic expression. But the latter’s exposure was such that it ended up playing tricks on her.

Indeed, the 53-year-old coach revealed to have been riddled with attacks throughout his stay at the Château during a live Instagram a bit special. Raphaëlle Ricci found his former students, Patrice Maktav, Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Djalil Jensen, Sidonie and Jessica Marquez on the Web on the occasion of the replay of the premiums of the Star Ac ‘ on Youtube. “For the people, I was a very very mean teacher. I received threats. Over the years, this show had grown so much, mediatically speaking, that it was super complicated to manage“, she remembered. Raphaëlle Ricci then referred to”dog droppings“received in his mailbox, and even to”people who came in front of (her)“.

Bodyguards available 24 hours a day

Result, she ends up slamming the door after almost seven years of exercise. “I said stop. I said it was not possible for me to imagine that people might want to kill me. They certainly would not have acted out, but when the production decides to make bodyguards available to you 24 hours a day, it must have been serious. And still the prod hadn’t given me all the details. That was the worst part of the show“, she explained. Confidences that truly amazed her interlocutors.

The fact remains that Raphaëlle Ricci keeps very good memories of her adventure on the front page, during which she “do magic things“.”I realized my dream of swimming with dolphins. I participated in the Andros trophy, I did the gazelles rally. I was passionate about motorsport, it was crazy. Thanks to this show I did completely crazy things“, she nuanced.

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