Rapper Moha the Squale summoned to court for death threats with weapons

Moha La Squale – Snow (Youtube video capture)

Armed with a knife, the young man reported that he had threatened a couple in a luxury hotel while traveling for a concert.

The facts charged against him would have occurred in Reunion on Tuesday evening. Real name Mohamed Bellahmed, rapper Moha La Squale was in the bar of a luxury hotel in Saint-Pierre, after participating in the Francofolies. There, an altercation with a couple of hotel guests took place.

Death threats with a knife

The reasons for this altercation are not currently known. According to several concordant sources, the rapper's bodyguards separated the two parts. But Moha La Squale would return armed with a knife to threaten the couple.

This time the employees of the hotel would have intervened to remove the young man. Alerted, the police intervened on the spot. The rapper was audited on Wednesday by investigators from the Saint-Pierre police station.

Called to court

The 24-year-old rapper will have to explain himself to a judge on September 10 for "death threats with weapons".

Moha the Shark was revealed to the general public last year. His album "Bendero" was designated gold record after being sold more than 50,000 copies.


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