Rare ‘hydatid cyst’ surgery was performed in diyarbakır.

Burak EMEKSerdar SUNAR / DİYARBAKIR, (DHA) Hanifi Görçüm (51), who is engaged in animal husbandry in BİNGÖL, has caught the ‘hydatid cyst disease’ 1 year ago, which is very rare in the world, in which he has pain in his left wrist. Görçüm recovered from the malignant tumor on her wrist with a 2.5-hour surgery at Dicle University and regained her health.
The left ankle of Hanifi Görçüm, the father of 5 children, who is engaged in animal husbandry in the city, started to swell after severe pain. Görçüm, who could not move her two fingers completely over time, applied to the hospitals for treatment in Bingöl. Görçüm, who tried to relieve her pain for a year with the drugs she used, could not get any results. It was revealed that Görçüm had a malignant tumor on his wrist after MRI. Görçüm was transferred from here to Dicle University Hospital Orthopedics Department. Assoc. Dr. By Emin Özkul, Görçüm was diagnosed with ‘hydatid cyst disease’, which is very rare in the world at the wrist level. After the preparations made here, Görçüm recovered with 2.5 hours of successful surgery.
Head of Dicle University Orthopedics Department Assoc. Dr. Özkul drew attention to the malignant tumor in this and similar diseases and said:
“The patient was referred directly to us from the first center where he was seen. Last year, another patient had been in. Because of the high number of people dealing with animal husbandry in the region, this disease is very common in the liver and similar places. Unfortunately, it is expected to be seen frequently in hands and similar places in our region. The name of the disease is ‘hydatid cyst’, normally it can be treated with medication until it collects in one place and does not make a tumor-like appearance. If it creates a tumor-like image and accumulates in one place, it is important to remove it after blasting or drug administration. We do not have difficulty in diagnosis and we do not have difficulty in performing the surgery. We can discharge our patients with healing without distress. Absolutely cleaning is the most important thing. for h sooner matters. The operation of the patient took 2.5 hours. We deposited the day before and discharged in 3 days, including the next day. Generally, it is common in those dealing with animal husbandry. At the same time, this disease can be caused by raw meat consumption. “
Hanifi Görçüm also stated that he will be more careful now, “I had surgery at Dicle University. This operation was also successful. This is a very rare case. I will be more careful now. My doctor said that it is a disease from animals. I hope I will be more careful from now on.” said.
Hydatid cyst disease is an infection caused by tapeworm parasites from the echinococcal family. Hydatid cyst is a disease of carnivorous wild animals such as dogs, wolves and foxes. People are intermediate hosts of this disease as a result of contact with animal eggs pass from the feces to the environment spans yakalanır.dh disease-General John emekserd Turkey’s Diyarbakir PRESENTS
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