Rarely Known, These 7 Delicious Foods Can Help You Lose Weight!

For many people, dieting can be difficult and scary. This is related to the stigma that the culprit must be highly committed to staying away from good food. Nutritionists also agree that fried foods, sweet dishes, and processed foods are the main enemies that trigger diet failure.

However, did you know that diet doesn’t have to make you suffer the consequences of consuming bland dishes all the time. As reported from Eat This Not That, there are many delicious foods that have been thought to be unhealthy, but are actually very helpful in the process of losing weight. Anything? Here’s the list!

1. Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit/Photo: Unsplash.com/K8

So far, people have considered dried fruit (raisins, dates, prunes, etc.) as a “nest” of sugar which will only lead to weight gain. In fact, dried fruit actually still has complete nutrition, as long as the processing does not involve added sugar.

If you consume them in moderation, these fruits are very beneficial for digestion because they contain fiber. In addition, dried fruit will also reduce the risk of obesity and play a role in weight loss.

2. Orange Juice

Orange Juice/Photo: Unsplash.com/Mateusz Feliksik

This fresh drink is also often thought to be unhealthy because it contains a lot of sugar. In fact, orange juice made from 100% oranges is high in fiber and helps hydrate the body. In the research presented by Eat This Not Thatadults who consumed one serving of orange juice (about 236 ml) per day had an average body mass index (BMI) that was balanced compared to those who did not drink it.

3. Counts

Boiled Eggs/Photo: Unsplash.com/Anton Nikolov

Eggs are often considered inappropriate as a diet food menu because they contain fat. In fact, the combination of good fats and protein in it can make you feel full longer, preventing someone from eating too much.

In addition, the American Heart Foundation also explains that consumption of 1-2 eggs every day is still safe for the body, and does not pose a risk of obesity. Don’t forget to balance it with other nutritious foods to get optimal nutrition.


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