Rates and values ​​for pensions, taxes, wages, benefits,… – a new application on kurzy.cz that saves time when searching for information.

Are you also looking for up-to-date figures for your tax return or figures from other financial areas every year? Whether it is the amount of taxes, pensions, various benefits, average wages, discounts for children and more, you don’t have to search anymore… We have created a new application for you, where you can find everything in one place and see the current values ​​for each year, development of values ​​over the years and connections with other values. If you need to know more about the selected area, the link will take you to articles where you can find all additional information on the topic you are currently interested in.

Overview of values ​​in the application

We have divided the values ​​into several groups, under which you will find further subgroups related to the given issue. The main breakdown looks like this:

You can find out the specific amount of what you are looking for either by entering it in the search box

or choosing from list of all values.

For example, if you want to find out the minimum monthly salary for this year, just select a subgroup of the given value – “salary – salary development” – the minimum wage (monthly or hourly) and from there the minimum monthly wage.

You can also get to

The development of the values ​​is shown in the table

and in the chart (can be exported as an image)

In the section Where the minimum monthly wage is used, other values ​​are listed which they calculate based on minimum wages (here, for example, school fees).

For additional information on the selected value, click on the menu

you can get it on the kurzy.cz section, where the issue is described in detail, often with a calculator.

We believe you will like our new app and save you time searching for information related to wages, taxes, pensions, advance insurance and various benefits.


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