Rating: the day the Turkish novel doubled Marcelo Tinelli

The rating last Tuesday, July 27, surprised the team of Showmatch (The thirteen). It happens that beyond having modified the schedule, the Marcelo tinelli it continues to have hearing problems and is further each night from reaching a final two-digit number.

The truth is The academy scored 6.7 rating points and not only came second in his time slot, but also held the same place within the channel he commands Adrian Suar. Thus the things, the cycle of the producer LaFlia could not overcome The 8 steps of the million, which obtained 7.9 points. Along the same lines, the president of San Lorenzo did not manage to get close to The Argentine Voice already Miracle doctor, both shipments of Telefe.

In that sense, the reality talent scout that leads Marley it averaged 19.7 rating points and was the delivery with the highest number of viewers of the day. Its predecessor, the Turkish fiction that tells the story of a autism doctor and an exponential intelligence level, measured 15.6.

The prime time ended up being configured as follows: Bendita (El Nueve) reached 3.9 rating points, while from America TV, The Mammons averaged 2.9 e Intractable acquired 1.4 points. The Public TV was also present at the competition and with the Tokyo Olympics (Olympics) reached 1.4 points.

The afternoon rating

The divorcees club she made 4.4 points and kept a lot of distance with the winners of the schedule. Sweet ambition, the new international novel by Telefe and Woman strength they averaged 10.5 and 11 points respectively.

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Anyway, it’s not all bad news for The thirteen. Thanks to Darius Barassi and his humor, the station of the sun won a victory. Happens that 100 Argentines say reached 8.4 rating points and by two tenths he beat Cut by Lozano.

For its part, Intruders (América TV) yielded 2.5 points and Super super, from the signal that directs Diego Toni, scored 2.1. The problem show it reached 1.7 points and was the lowest measurement in the last seven weeks.

To close Tuesday afternoon, it should be noted that Pass word averaged 8.8 rating points and Welcome aboard made 6.7 points.

The morning numbers

Joshua and the promised land (Telefe) scored 4.5 points and prevented Us in the morning (The Thirteen) will win his battle, since the cycle that leads Joaquín “Pollo” Álvarez measured 3.9 points.

Pollo Alvarez and Sandra Borghi

However, Los Angeles de la Mañana was the creditor of a new victory, since Ángel de Brito’s cycle scored 5.5 rating points and prevailed against Team Flower. Once again, the program Florence Peña it lost against the show magazine, scoring 5.1 audience points.

Finally, What tomorrow (El Nueve) obtained 2.4 points, It’s over there (América TV) measured 1.4 and Public mornings (Public TV) averaged 0.4 points.


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