Raúl Gutierrez, actor in Pasión de Gavilanes died – Caracol News

Renowned actor Raúl Gutierrez passed away after presenting complications from surgery performed three months ago.

He came to television as a setting assistant, from there he jumped to the screen in productions such as ‘Dog love’, ‘The woman in the mirror’, ‘Luna the heiress’, among others.

In 1979 he lent his voice in ‘Un commissioner acusa’, the first film dubbed in the country. After that, he became one of the big names in national and international dubbing for channels like Warner, Discovery, and TNT. In his last years he did vocal workshops.

Among the most outstanding characters of his career is Jaime Bustillo from ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’.

The sad news was announced by the Colombian Association of Broadcasters and Communicators (ACL).

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