Raul Riancho – on the "Spartak" – "Rangers" match


What does not detract from the head coach of red and white – is absolutely fascinating and very detailed on football and explains the nuances of tactics. Listening to it is really extremely interesting. And after such a victory, for the moment, the local success, but still, and even after regular and sincere and exciting answers, the hall held Riancho with applause.

"Today, we were only satisfied with the victory, so the game brought with it an exceptional importance," he said Raul Riancho. – The players are perfectly in tune, fought for each ball. This game was much more difficult than parts seemed. We had to recover three times. And I can only applaud the boys for their efforts. Very satisfied with the result.

The initial task for today was to push the game away from their gates, to press the opponent as high as possible. When our team was with the ball, it was necessary to play the attack through the pass. I think we had very good moments in the first half. As well as things that need to be improved. But above all: "Spartak" has kept the chances to leave the group. And the sun always goes out!

I would also like to say that this victory is very important to me. I would like to dedicate this victory to my father, who has recently passed away. It would be very happy for me and satisfied with the result.

"Spartak" – "Rangers" – 4: 3. Two own goals, sea of ​​fire and Glushakov exit

All the details of the Europa League match "Spartak" – "Rangers".

– Today, the best match of the season went to Popov. What was your game challenge?
– Ivelyn did a great job – both in tactical and physical terms. He completed all the installations completely. Today we are experts, "2 in 1" in the attack. Popov also intelligently narrowed space, which was also in our plans. I have no questions for him or the other boys. All well done

– It seemed that today, at 4-3-3, the extreme attackers obtained more freedom than before, often moved to the center, and not tied to their positions. Was it the original intention? And why did not we see it before?
– It is a pity that there is not a tactical board with the chips in the room, but I would have explained it clearly. At 4-3-3, three players in the area of ​​the ball are constantly changing positions: extreme back – insider – wing. Constantly! When the midfielder takes a step forward, the back quarterback becomes the extreme midfielder, the bottom midfield is the insider, and the bottom member the quarterback at the back. Today we have done this maneuver better, yes.

You're right, we did not change the system, but we played the offensive version. In football, teams should always have three factors: depth, width and a player in the middle. These factors should always be repeated throughout the field. A player should always take the width, but at the same time he can change places with his partner and go to the center. Today we have repeatedly affirmed and I am very happy.

In general, I like to talk about football. And I'm happy to talk about it today. This is my passion.

Not a match, but madness! "Spartak" managed to win also with a defense of the square

4-3-3 on the field, 4: 3 on the scoreboard – and second place in the group. Red and white are still alive.

– If in attack the team seemed brilliant, so in defense, especially in the first half, something terrible was happening. Why? And why did the main central defender Jikia replace?
– At the moment we have three central defenders in our team. During the period in which I work, Jikia played all the matches. It was very important to start the attacks right from the defensive line, so we needed a right central defender. We have decided which of the left-handed people should be left for replacement. In addition, in the first game in Scotland, they played with two power stations on the left, the rival studied us, and the person who started the attacks blocked his leg, preventing him from making the transfer. That's why we chose two football players with different strong legs. I think it worked.

As for defense in general, of course, there were difficulties on which it is necessary to work. We have made a lot of mistakes, especially as regards the corrections of the central defenders for interceptions at the center of the field. But we have time to improve it. At least two days.

– After today's success, do you hope to become a permanent head coach?
– I work in a club, sacrificing myself for this. It all depends on Spartak, on his decision. If they say they continue, continue. If you are told to leave, I will pack up and go home. But even if I go to Spain, it's only with good memories.

– And you yourself would like to stay?
– I'll give you an exclusive answer: I'll never be an assistant again! 35 years worked. In the teams where I worked, for four years we played in the Champions League and four others in the Europa League. It was a great experience that gave me a lot. But today I'm behaving.

– You were 35 years old to become the head coach. What were the expectations? And are they justified?
– I never wanted to be the coach before! All the head coaches I worked respected and valued me as a peer. I have always said only what I think and what I see in the field. People liked it or not. Now, given that the circumstances are the same, I will continue to work as head coach. I do not know where it will be, in which club and country, but I will continue! Well … If only Guardiola, the greatest coach in the world, call me, then I'll go to his assistant. I learn from him.

"I'm not crazy!", You said yesterday. Today, the lively game "Spartacus" is crazy, in a good way. Do you now understand the difference between such a victory and the modest one that has gained compared to Anji?
– A very good question. Today, not only soccer players are involved in the victory. This is the victory of "Spartacus" – all those involved in the club. Fans who came to the stadium and supported the team. This team, when driven by fans, is invaded by wings. Players start flying through the field. They need the kind of atmosphere we feel today. With this support, they will fly. One hundred percent

Do you remember how Rangers fans drove their team in the first game. Today our fans have responded and supported Spartak adequately. I would like to say once again that in the previous match in the league we were not the worst, just like today we were not the best. We must continue to work.


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