Entertainment Raymundo Capetillo, Mexican actor, victim of coronavirus dies

Raymundo Capetillo, Mexican actor, victim of coronavirus dies

Show business in Mexico dresses in mourning with the sensitive death of Raymundo Capetillo, renowned film, theater and television actor, victim of coronavirus.

This was reported by friends, family and the National Association of Interpreters the first minutes of this Monday July 13.

Characters like Laura Zapata, Raquel Garza, Silvia Pasquel, Daniel Bisogno, among others, mourned in networks the death of Capetillo, like dozens of users who fired the famous actor.

For a couple of weeks, Raymundo he was admitted, initially for pneumonia, according to the own reports of his relatives, however with the passing of days, the diagnosis changed to COVID-19, with which he battled but could not beat him.


Raymundo Sánchez and Capetillo was born in 1943 in the Mexico City, studied economics and languages, however acting was always her great passion.

He started his career at 17 years old as an extra in some films and little by little he was acquiring opportunities.

God’s dogs in 1974 and Santo in Anonymous mortal 1975 are his first major film roles.

In theater he also participated in several productions but it would be in TV soaps where he would achieve fame.

Italian Girl Comes to Marry, Victoria, Wild Rose, Chains of Bitterness, Magical Youth, The Spring, Dreamers, Veil of Bride or Passion, are just some of the many examples of classics from the TV where Raymundo He participated.



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