Rays and the waiting sentence: «If condemned I vent into a video and leave in two hours»

Rays and the waiting sentence: «If condemned I vent into a video and leave in two hours»

Two hours, but maybe they are too many. The time to recover well from the shock. Embrace the new-found husband (Andrea) and his son (Matteo) in their apartment in Ottavia, on the outskirts of Rome, talk with their parents, and then return to the Campidoglio. A flight of stairs. First floor: Hall of the Clock, ocher sofa, hands joined as always. "I'm ready". Rec. And the video would start: «As you know I was condemned, I have only one word, respect the rules of the M5S and I resign».

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A video, fast, and impactful to post on all the platforms where Virginia Raggi, the capital's mayor of the Capital, is very popular: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. A global character. Sigh of relief. This time it's over really serious, I go back to being a lawyer – in the study Sammarco of Professor Pieremilio – and to deal with business contracts, my specialty. In the head of Rays in case of conviction there is this scenario. «There are no plans B».

And just these images – which might remind us of the end of the Marino era, if not out of drama, at least for logistics – have been shared with the few friends and faithful who have been chatting and talking to her in the last hours. "Guys, you know how I think: I'm innocent, but I would not stay a minute longer." In these two years, scattered with mines that would have blown anyone, Raggi has applied the constancy of the nerd to the things of Rome. She trusted, she fell, she got up. It disappeared and then resurfaced. Always with this catchphrase: "I'm working". He says those who are always close to her: «For sure she came in as a lawyer, but she will come out, should she come out so suddenly, as mayor». A way to say that among a thousand things weird and serious, over the months «Virgy» has spent nights and dawns closed there in order to give answers. He did not always find them. One evening, during the Christmas greetings in Campidoglio, he vented with an enlightening remark: "A year here are like ten for dogs".

It does not need anything else to understand that if the judge were to recognize her guilty of forgery, for Rays it would be almost a liberation, from a personal point of view. So far is what you think, then there are a reduced number of councilors, no more than ten out of 25, who would be ready to jump in the circle of fire: go forward, even without a symbol of the M5S, for the "good of Rome" . A daring hypothesis, which "at 95%" does not exist. But that should be recorded, if it is true that Pietro Calabrese, yesterday during a pause in the hearing said: "Whatever happens for us would not change anything." He said it because he believes it, is a "fundamentalist ray" that for 1,500 euros a month spends days in eternal meetings on potholes, buses and waste, but also to flip on social networks ("So the Democratic Party? And then Mafia Capital ? "). Officially last night at 20.50, before diving back into a river meeting with his lawyers, the mayor's press office dispensed optimism as big salt on the water that boils for pasta: "We are confident". Or rather: "We have excellent feelings". Is the M5S tough? «Right, there is the awareness that it will be fine and it is right to affirm our principles». Also yesterday evening they excluded direct contacts between the mayor and Beppe Grillo, between the mayor and Luigi Di Maio. On the other hand, the leader, what he thought, had already said this early in the morning: "Our code of ethics is clear."

And that's what Ray also knows, convinced of coming out unscathed from this process, sure of having given "the maximum" in these audiences and of having defended himself with the nails and with the teeth. Even in the last hairpin bend, the one that saw Carla Romana Raineri accuse her for four hours. Before the interrogation the two greeted each other. "Hi," Raggi approached. "Good morning," the magistrate replied. If it goes well, the mayor will change three assessors and will start a great reshuffle to shake the Capitol to get to the final rush. And if it should go well they do not exclude from the Municipality that Rays "take revenge" with Raineri: he took an indemnity of 30 thousand euros a year for the move, but he spent half the time in Rome because he then resigned. Court Stuff? «This week I want to deepen it». Yesterday evening her husband, Andrea Severini, wrote: "Truth triumphs alone, lying always needs accomplices: courage". If it goes wrong, however, you will see it on Facebook. Last updated: 00:43 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION



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