Razer Announces Wolverine V2 Controllers for Xbox Series X.

Razer continues its development of Microsoft accessories with the Wolverine V2 and a new controller designed for the Xbox Series X / S.

Razer is one of the leading accessories and lifestyle brands for gamers. It’s often seen at global gaming events, esports competitions, and more, and last month Razer revealed its backward-compatible Xbox accessories. Now, it has unveiled a brand new Xbox Series X / S controller.

The Wolverine V1 is a controller that works on Xbox One, and it was on the list of things that would be compatible with the next generation of Xbox consoles. However, Razer is also releasing the Wolverine V2, a controller specially designed for the Xbox Series X / S. More options for gamers is a good thing, whether it’s own or third-party accessories, and Razer’s newest item seems to add some good. option for players to choose.

Razer claims in a press release that the Wolverine V2 features superior ergonomics and advanced customization, including better in-game precision and control. It also uses the Mecha-Tactile action buttons and the Razer D-Pad. The Wolverine V2 seems to have some features that go beyond what the standard Xbox Series X / S controller offers. The controller is hardwired, which can help the player have more control over the game with less input lag, but it’s something fans should be aware of.

The customization that is available in Wolverine V2 accommodates other Razer products. Players can program two multi-function buttons on the top of the controller. Also, Hair Triggers allow for fast fire speed in shooting games and other games. The Wolverine V2 may compete with the Xbox Elite controller in some ways, but it comes at a much more affordable price. The Wolverine V2 costs $ 99.99 USD and is available now at various retailers, as well as on the Razer website.

The Wolverine V2 is a third-party controller that seems to sit between the standard Xbox Series X / S controller and the Elite controller, while giving gamers some of the extra programmable buttons that the regular controller doesn’t have. Time will tell if the Wolverine V2 becomes one of the best Xbox controllers on the market, but the history of Razer devices for Xbox shows that it has many possibilities.

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