RCMP seized drugs worth $ 750,000 from North Battleford


The RCMP seized $ 750,000 of drugs from a North Battleford home on Sunday morning.

More than 13 pounds of cocaine, six pounds of meth and 29 guns were found at home in the 1200 block of 107th Street, according to RCMP.

Police say they have found numerous stolen items including a truck and power tools.

The officers first attended Saturday at home, conducting a survey that led to a search warrant. On Sunday at 8 am, the RCMP agents carried out the research and seized the following:

– 6 kilos of meth
– 13 kilos of cocaine powder
– 288 grams of crack cocaine
– 870 grams of fentanyl
– Vials of steroids
– Magic mushrooms
– 15 rifles
– 11 semi-automatic guns
– 3 revolvers
– Spray for bears
– Tazer


RCMP states that there was no one at home during the drug collapse.

The charges are "pending", according to a RCMP press release.

"This is a very large and complex investigation that will be underway for the next few days and weeks," wrote RCMP.

"This is a big seizure for the community and Battlefords RCMP will continue to focus on this type of investigation."

The drug bust included both municipal and provincial investigators. Members of the RCMP Serious Violent Reation Response team and the Integrated Crime Reduction Unit were also present.



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