RD asks to hold a consultative referendum in Venezuela to solve its crisis

Santo Domingo, RD.

Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez assured that the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis directly affects the security and stability of the region, forcing us to redouble efforts to contribute to its solution.

The Dominican Foreign Minister asked the Lima Group to hold a consultative referendum in Venezuela so that the Venezuelan people advance “in the construction of an effective transitional government.”

Álvarez pointed out the need for Venezuelans to have a direct participation channel and to express themselves on different proposals previously agreed between the parties.

He said that this path must occur with the mediation of the international community.

“It should be the Venezuelan citizens who decide their fate, but the other countries of the region must decisively support the achievement of a prompt democratic solution, since we are risking peace in our hemisphere,” said Álvarez.

Roberto Álvarez said that the Dominican Republic is ready to play its role, facilitating a negotiated solution to the crisis, but adds that the hands of the international community will be tied if the main internal actors are not up to the moment.

The Dominican Republic Foreign Minister said that at this time the conditions are not in place for a simple electoral process to solve the crisis in Venezuela, due to the lack of trust among political actors.

“For this reason, the figure of the consultative referendum that is foreseen in Article 71 of the Venezuelan Constitution, to submit matters of special national importance to popular consultation, can contribute to creating the climate conducive to an authentic electoral solution,” said the Dominican Foreign Minister. in his speech at the XX Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of this bloc of countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs assures that this proposal is made to advance in a negotiated solution that avoids more tearing in that country.

He said that the work of the international community must be to convince the main actors that the only way to avoid further rending is to accept and legitimize an elective process such as the proposed consultative referendum, organized with the support and supervision of the United Nations. and friendly countries.

The Foreign Minister stressed that all the actors in the Venezuelan drama recognize the solvency of the UN.

The Dominican Foreign Ministry recalls that this country participates as an observer country of the Lima Group, created in 2017 with the aim of monitoring and seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela.


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