Reactions to Formula 1: Bottas wins, Vettel no chance



Gazzetta dello Sport: “Ferrari flop: On the one hand, the Mercedes cannibals, who do not make a single mistake. On the other side Ferrari, a team with a lot of potential, but without results. The fact that Vettel, who had a difficult year in 2018, is still struggling for safety, is also distressing. “

Corriere dello Sport: “Bottas, King of the Formula 1. Mercedes tirelessly puts Ferrari under pressure, the German anthem sounds in Baku. Although Ferrari gives signals of reliability, but the gap to the Silver Arrows deepens. “

Corriere della Sera: “The merciless wind that blows over the race track in Baku carries Mercedes to victory. Even Ferrari President John Elkann finds no excuses for his team. But the season is still long, it can still come to surprises. “

La Repubblica: “Vettel follows the ant philosophy: Better to bring a few points home than to take risks. Bottas is no longer the servant of Hamilton. He has radically changed, the duel with Hamilton revives Mercedes. “

La Stampa: “Bottas, Hamilton's servant, becomes prince, and Mercedes is omnipresent again. Ferrari wastes one opportunity after the other. Vettel's third and Leclerc's fifth place do not warm the hearts of Ferrari fans, who have to settle for the family duel between the two drivers. “


The Telegraph: “The first three corners decided the outcome of a race that disappointed expectations. Bottas won, but being able to beat Hamilton for the entire season seems unlikely. In the first corners, he pulled back and let Bottas grant – maybe a sign that he does not see him as title rivals anyway. “



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