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OBERSTDORF (Dagbladet): – I think it’s about the fear of making mistakes among the judges, Ole Walseth says to Dagbladet.

The Norwegian is among those who know the most about style judging in ski jumping. And he asks himself the same question as Dagbladet:

– Why do we hardly see the 20s anymore?

– I think it’s strange. The judges secure themselves towards the middle and make it safe rather than unsafe. It’s simply about cowardice, Walseth thinks.

TELEMARK: Halvor Egner Granerud is struggling with the impact, but has improved significantly. Photo: NTB
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The judges are evaluated after each race. If you deviate too much over time, you will be deprived of the task for a period of time.

Critics claim that it is far too safe to go for 18.5 and 19.0 for the best jumpers. The less good ones are rewarded from 16.0 to 18.0.

Before in years you could see five times 20 in style. But you no longer see this, even though that was exactly what Granerud should have had this weekend. At least according to a chat group of 20 Norwegian jumping judges.

None of them are judging internationally this season due to the corona situation. But on Saturday, they came together digitally during the mix team competition in Rasnov in Romania. Norway won. And the first jump to Granerud excited the judges.

Nevertheless, the Norwegian “only” got 19 times 19 in style as counting. The highest style grade was 19.5, but this one was deleted

CAN HIS SUBJECT: Ole Walseth is among the greatest capacities in style judging. Here with Norway’s national team coach, Alexander Stöckl. Photo: Hopplandslaget
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– The jump was perfect. It was impossible to find anything to draw for, says Walseth, who has been a judge since the 80s.

See the jump her.

– I have also had Kamil Stoch in the 20s several times this season, without him getting it. All judges who put 20 in style get applause from me. Well notice if it looks like a 20 jump. I think you should dare to use the opportunity you have.

A jump is divided into three phases: Soar, landing and exit. The number of points that can be deducted is five, seven and five points, respectively.

In addition, the judges seem to use the unwritten rule of overall impression. For example, if you jump five meters shorter than the leader – but do everything perfectly – you can still be pulled. Simply because it is too short compared to “the perfect ski jump”.

SPORTSNYHETENE: Halvor Egner Granerud thought he had become historic. But suddenly the counter message came.
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– I am against this rule, says NRK expert Johan Remen Evensen to Dagbladet.

– If you had never had the opportunity to go up and down on the go, I could understand the rule, he points out.

– But today you can give an extra penalty to the jump that is not longer. I think the main problem is that the judges do not dare to use the scale, as it should be done. You should punish the bad jumps and give enough credit to the good ones.

Evensen has several times reacted to Stoch’s style grades. Among other places in Klingenthal in early February.

– I could not see anything to draw for. So why should you draw anything? Very often the judges sit with a magnifying glass to find something.

Although Granerud leads the World Cup superbly, he has not seen the 20s a single time this season.

– My personal opinion is that it is jumped finer now than, for example, in the Olympics in Nagano in 1998, he says.

– The winner on the big hill, Kazuyoshi Funaki, jumped to five times 20 in style. I do not think he would have gotten this today with the same impact. The standard for the 20s has been set. Just see how few 20s Stoch gets. Then you realize that the standard is very high.

Watch the Olympic jump to Funaki her.

The World Cup leader acknowledges that there have been small things to draw himself for.

– Granerud has been nice in the air, but he tends to struggle in the shots, Walseth says.

– He has had an imbalance and been a little behind. But I think he’s getting better and better.

The Norwegian jumpers are now in place in Oberstdorf, where the WC starts this week.

– Let’s hope that the judges dare to strike here. I hope they use the opportunity to separate the jumpers better, says Walseth.


Here is the program for the men’s jumpers in the WC:

  • Saturday 27 February at 16.30: Normal tray.
  • Sunday 28 February at 17.00: Mix team competition.
  • Friday, March 5 at 17.00: Large hill.
  • Saturday, March 6 at 17.00: Team competition.

Here is the program for the female jumpers in the WC:

  • Thursday 25 February at 17.00: Normal tray.
  • Friday, February 26th. at 17.15: Team competition.
  • Sunday 28 February at 17.00: Mix team competition.
  • Wednesday, March 3 at 17.15: Large hill.

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