Technology Ready-made smartphones from a single source for seniors »Leadersnet

Ready-made smartphones from a single source for seniors »Leadersnet

Many seniors sit at home in isolation, are not allowed to see anyone, are not allowed to receive visitors. A smartphone can bridge this social gap.

But there is one major problem: Seniors are able to use an easy-to-use smartphone without extensive training. However, only if the device is set up ready to use.

This includes, for example, storing the most important phone numbers, creating an email address or a Google account or downloading important apps such as WhatsApp. And exactly at this point – the correct setup of the smartphone – the well-intentioned attempt to send a smartphone to parents quickly fails in times of corona isolation.

Emporia boss Eveline Pupeter: “That’s why we developed the emporia carefree package online. The older user only has to switch on the phone and can use it straight away. It is important now that older people can communicate well with their loved ones. ”

All from a single source: From ordering to a ready-to-use smartphone
emporia Telecom has now found a partner with whom this problem could be solved. From now on relatives can Ready-to-use smartphone Order online (with the most important personal phone numbers, email address, apps …). The smartphones are delivered via GLS and delivered contactless.

Smartphone purchase, contract processing, setting up and shipping the device, all of this is handled throughout Austria by the TC Telekomcenter company. Info:, Tel. 0664/3600850.

The emporia carefree package

The The carefree package is ordered online and is usually done through younger relatives. The package includes the complete set-up service:

– SIM card insert
– 10 most important contacts Save (children, friends, doctor, hotlines from emporia …)
– Set up email with Gmail address
– Google account invest
– Important apps download:
– Download Whats App (the most important app in times of isolation) and verify it with the SIM card
– Facebook (is very much desired for the set-up service in the shops)
– media such as ORF, regional newspapers)
– Zoom, Skype (the customer chooses, depending on what is used, for example: in the family)


That is emporia
emporia develops, produces and sells mobile phones, smartphones and apps especially for the older generation and is the technology leader in this area. emporia, founded in 1991, is represented in 31 countries and employs 100 people. The sole owner is Eveline Pupeter, who runs the company together with an experienced management team. The company headquarters is in Linz.




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