Ready to die and write on your grave the dancer! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Iraqi broadcaster, Nizar Al-Fares, asked the Egyptian artist Fifi Abdo, today, Friday, a surprising question, during his meeting with her on the Iraqi “Al-Rasheed” channel, where he asked her if she would accept to write the word “the dancer” on her grave.

And “Fifi Abdo” replied that when she started designing her burial, she decided that it should be completely similar to the burial of the late Egyptian singer, Abdel Halim Hafez, noting that Halim did not write the word “artist” on his grave, which made her convinced not to write the word “dancer” on her grave. .

Fifi Abdo explained that “it is not permissible to write a “dancer” on her grave while she is preparing to meet God Almighty after her death, as she stressed that “God is the one who holds his servants accountable, not she or the announcer.”

She pointed out that she will not let anyone put a title on her grave, adding that she may have made a mistake when she said earlier that when she stands before God Almighty, she will tell him that she loves to dance.

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