Real blue today: how much are the solidarity real and the tourist price this Tuesday, January 31?

In a week marked by the purchase of foreign currency by summer season 2023the Brazilian real official turn this up slightly Tuesday January 31 after being stable for the last few days and is available at $39.50 for sale, while in the parallel market it is sold for more than double. Currently, the gap between the illegal and official exchange rate round the 110%.

In this way, the royal officialthe legal tender of Brazil since it replaced the cruzeiro in 1994, it has varied slightly in the day, after the slight rise that one had also shown last Friday.

Real official and real saving

The royal official rose 25 cents on Tuesday after holding steady on Monday, and is available at an average of $35,50 for purchase y $39.50 for sale in it National Bankwhich offers one of the lowest prices on the market.

Thus, the real solidarity, real savings o real with taxwith a surcharge of 30% -considered in the COUNTRY tax– and with him 35% Income Tax advance on account on the purchase of foreign currency, it is quoted in $65,17. The monthly purchase fee of reais, equivalent to 200 dollars, is 1018.18 reais.

Real tourist and real Qatar

The real touristwhich adds up to 30% of the COUNTRY tax a perception of 45% on account of income taxis trading this Tuesday at $ 69,12.

On the other hand, for consumption with card of more than 1527.27 reais (equivalent to 300 dollars) made in the country or for consumption in reais abroad or for consumption of luxury goods, a 25% surcharge is applied to the Personal Property collection account about the price of tourist real. In these cases, the real touristdenominated “real Qatar”quotes to 79,0 pesos.

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Real Blue

For his part, he real blue remains unchanged after the rise it had registered last Friday, for which reason it is listed on Tuesday, January 31, at $82 to purchase y $87 for sale.

In this way, the real parallel increased its value last week in line with the increases in the official real and the Dolar blue. It is the seventh rise that the real blue since mid-August.

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