Health Real buckwheat for a longer life expectancy

Real buckwheat for a longer life expectancy

According to the study real buckwheat extend life. It stimulates the production of a certain protein in the body that is known to increase a person’s lifespan by slowing cell aging and making it more resistant to stress. Researchers in Krasnoyarsk determined this property of the grain on the basis of an investigation.

Real buckwheat is healthy and prolongs life

The proteins are the so-called sirtuins (Sirt1), which are usually produced by the body when the calorie intake is reduced at the same time. That is why it is also a sign of hunger. Even those who follow diets improve the production of sirtuins in the body. However, this is not necessarily a healthy way to extend your life, at least not when you are not is overweight. The healthier variant, as a new study has now found, is real buckwheat.

Real buckwheat experimented with rats

Experiments on rats show how beneficial the grain is

Biologists at the School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology of Siberian Federal University added 30% buckwheat to the diet of rats to then monitor and analyze their health. To this end, the researchers divided the rats into three groups: the first group received the usual amount of food, the second group the amount was reduced by 30%, while the third group received their usual ration of food, plus 30% real buckwheat. The researchers made sure to offer the third group the same nutritional values ​​(calories) as the second group.

The results

Real buckwheat stimulates the production of a protein that slows down cell aging

After 8 weeks, the researchers examined the blood, liver, kidney and stomach values ​​of the rats and checked their weight. It was found that the rats in the third group gained more weight than the second, even though they both consumed the same amount of calories. This indicates that buckwheat supports the right growth and development in the long term.

The researchers found the highest amount of Sirt1 in the second group, which received less food, but at the expense of lower body and organ weight. The third group (with buckwheat) showed a higher amount of Sirt1 than the first group, but the weight was not reduced.

Conclusion on the buckwheat effect – how healthy is buckwheat?

More herbal products for a longer and healthier life

“The Study results show that a diet containing buckwheat has the same effect as a low-calorie diet because buckwheat cereals contain a lot of indigestible fiber. Buckwheat is a low-calorie product that, as part of the diet, increases the production of Sirt1. The protein in turn protects the cells of the digestive system without causing hunger or loss of growth in animals. We believe that other herbal products such as grains, vegetables, fruits, or nuts have a similar effect on Sirt1 production and health in general, “said Shubhra Pande, author of the study and post-graduate student in the Department of Biophysics at the School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology of Siberian Federal University.


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