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Real Estate: Mortgage Credit | This is how the delinquency of customers with credit goes

Between March and June of this year, a period in which the quarantine was observed to avoid more cases due to COVID-19, the debit balance of the mortgage loan reached S / 52’484,574, which represented a fall of 0.31% in that period of analysis, according to the latest Experian report.

The report indicates that mortgage credit represents the 14.1 % of the total debit balance of the financial system and there are 272,076 mortgage clients.

When evaluating the default on these loans, it is observed that 33.9% of the concentration of the debt was registered in loans with a range of debts greater than S / 500,000.

These credits correspond to a total of 20,592 clients, who have the lowest delinquencies in this segment, 3.1%.

On the contrary, 10,650 clients have debts of up to S / 10,000 and the default is the highest in the mortgage credit, 7.9%.

Unsatisfied demand

The microfinance consultant, Luis Baba Nakao, who participated in the presentation of the newsletter “Panorama of access to credit of Peruvians during COVID-19” carried out by Experian, indicated that the unsatisfied demand in the country is approximately 2 million homes and before COVID-19 there were 450,000 potential users who qualified for a mortgage loan. Now, he specified, the current housing supply in Lima is 24,115 homes.

He indicated that the trend of families in the search for a home is oriented to less slum areas and with more spaces, this considering that the house now will not be only for living, if not, it will also be a space for the education of children.

Likewise, he indicated that although mortgage credit suffered a contraction during the quarantine, banks are interested in continuing to place loans, but now, they must expand the database and know the current situation in which the customers are.

“Someone who had a job today, maybe no job tomorrow, or maybe a job with cut pay, so the (credit) assessment becomes more difficult. (…) What needs to be done is to accelerate the mechanisms and the databases to make decisions to qualify customers, said.



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