Real estate: the cheapest municipalities in Belgium

AIn the first half of the year, the median price of a house of the closed or semi-closed type (two or three facades) amounted to 230,000 euros, indicates on Friday the Belgian statistical office Statbel. Strong regional disparities persist and the Walloon Region remains the cheapest for buying a house of this type with a median price of 160,000 euros.

Across the country, the Belgian median price for a closed or semi-closed type house was therefore 230,000 euros. The price of an open type house (four facades) was 330,000 euros.

The Walloon Region is the least expensive region with a median price of 160,000 euros for closed or semi-closed houses and 265,000 euros for open type houses. The Brussels-Capital Region is the most expensive: closed or semi-closed houses cost 434,500 euros there. The price of houses of the open type was 1,100,000 euros. The Flemish Region is in between. Closed or semi-closed houses cost 260,000 euros, open-type houses 365,000 euros.

The most expensive Flemish municipality was Knokke-Heist with a median price of 770,000 euros. In this region, the cheapest houses were in Vleteren with a median price of 163,000 euros. The most expensive Walloon houses were in Lasne (600,000 euros) and the cheapest in Hastière (77,000 euros).

In the Brussels-Capital Region, Ixelles had the highest median price with 750,000 euros. The lowest median price for this region was recorded in the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (295,000 euros), explains Statbel.

Finally, the median price for an apartment was 215,000 euros in Belgium in the first half of the year. Wallonia remains the most affordable (160,000 euros), followed by Flanders (217,000 euros) and Brussels (239,000 euros).

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The most expensive municipalities in Belgium

1. Knokke-Heist: median price = 770,000 euros

2. Ixelles: median price = 750,000 euros

3. Sint-Martens-Latem: median price = 680,000 euros

4. Uccle: median price = 666,000 euros

5. Woluwe-Saint-Lambert: median price = 665,000 euros

The cheapest municipalities in Belgium

1. Hastière: median price = 77,000 euros

2. Viroinval: median price = 92,000 euros

3. Quiévrain: median price = 100,000 euros

4. Colfontaine: median price = 102,000 euros

5. Erquelinnes: median price = 111,250 euros


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