Real Madrid defeats Valencia and continues in the fight for La Liga

To the rhythm set by a plethoric Dani Ceballos, a Real Madrid two-faced responded to Barcelonareturning to five points the deficit with the leader, thanks to a great goal from Marco Asensio and another after a fast race of Viniciuswhich increased the crisis of a Valencia harmless.

Far from the intensity and continuity in his football exhibited against Real Sociedad. Falling into that excess of confidence of feeling superior to a rival that arrived in free fall at the Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid returned to doubt in their first act and they liked it as soon as they pressed the accelerator in the second so as not to see LaLiga move away at the beginning February. Eight points with Barcelona, ​​having to visit the Camp Nou, would have been a historically insurmountable distance. Asensio and Vinícius avoided it.

So much is said about the eight games that await Ancelotti’s team in February that the players, even if they don’t want it, are unconsciously affected. It regulates and there appear the moments of uncertainty. Flooded with them is Valencia, which found with the arrival of Voro some defensive stability under a 4-4-2, with Castillejo on the right wing for defensive help with Vinícius and Lino on the left. Musah’s physique as close as possible to Cavani’s, making it difficult for Real Madrid to start a play.

Ancelotti joined Modric and Ceballos looking for quality in possession. They did not connect even though they speak the same language with the ball. Dani’s moment is so exuberant, he occupies so much ground, that it increases Luka’s feeling of dullness. Real Madrid forgave at the start, a very clear one from Marco Asensio who took Mamardashvili down in one-on-one, and speculated.

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As rumors appeared in the stands of a Bernabéu with a grass in poor condition, so did Benzema with details worthy of the Ballon d’Or. He invented a heel shot that would have been a golden assist to remember if Asensio, who broke it with his left foot before betting on the placement, he would not have run into Paulista, savior under sticks.

Despite this, Valencia did not suffer. He showed signs of a certain defensive weakness but found in Asensio’s mistake a factor that increased his confidence. The protagonists were repeated in a lateral free kick by Marco that he saved by combing the Paulista ball, and incomprehensible was the action of Karim’s second goal pass to Asensio that did not hit accurately or Vinícius’s soft shot from a heel. Without finding their football, Real Madrid had forgiven a Valencia that never worried Courtois.

In the marathon of Madrid matches a new victim fell, his defense that was at its best, Militao. A muscle problem put him out of action and led to the return of Carvajal. Later the alarm lights were turned on by Benzema. With spurts, with blows of individuality, Camavinga forgave the last one with a judicious addition from his new position as a winger, to crash his left-footed shot into the side of the goal.

The first act was dismissed when the action of the controversy arrived. A mistake by Foulquier in marking him from a corner kick allowed Rüdiger to score with a header. The Bernabéu was celebrating when the VAR notified the referee that he ended up annulling the goal due to one of the many disputes that exist in football in each action from set pieces. Benzema’s struggle with Musah was punished. Even with yellow for the French striker in the midst of absolute misunderstanding.

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One more game, going through the locker room changed the course of Real Madrid in the game. Dominador, disarming Valencia, locking him in his land, the prize was not long in coming. It was deserved by the person who had looked for it the most, Marco Asensio, who in the most unexpected way, with a left-footed shot from the house, signed a great goal from the corner that was pure vindication against a future in the air.

In just two minutes everything was sentenced. Usual in a team without confidence like Valencia that collapsed. With Ceballos liking himself, starting the play with a heel, Benzema’s pass into space at Vinícius’s run. Speed ​​and definition in the Brazilian’s career. Real Madrid had been unleashed. This time there was no need for a final outburst.

The Madridista awakening caused the version full of insecurity of a Valencia stalked by its situation, one point in the last twelve, with the relegation zone looming. Mamardashvili avoided the saving win against Modric and with a stretch to Fede Valverde’s adjusted shot. Anxiety was poorly digested by Gabriel Paulista who took justice into his own hand, stopping Vinícius with a kick at the wrong time that cost him his expulsion. The image of a team that urgently needs a turning point.


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