Real Smartphone ‘Apocalypse’! Bill Gates Leaks New Technology

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Microsoft founder Bill Gates reveals technology that could replace smartphone. Namely, electronic tattoos, which are currently under development by biotechnology-based company Chaotic Moon.

The electronic tattoo aims to analyze and collect information from the human body. The technology will contain medical and sports information BrandTuesday (20/9/2022).

The data obtained can prevent and control the disease that its users have. Electronic tattoos are also expected to improve physical and sports performance, by looking at vital signs.



The tattoo will be placed on the skin with tiny sensors and trackers that send and receive information via a special ink that conducts electricity. Later it will send and receive information from that special ink.

Although very sophisticated, Bill Gates is not satisfied with the use of electronic tattoos. He said the technology should be able to replace smartphone.

This means that tattoos can present the exact function presented by today’s mobile technology. Namely starting from calling, sending messages to finding addresses.

So far, it is not known when electronic tattoos can be applied to the public. There has been no further discussion regarding the estimated time when the technology will be launched and sold in the market.

In a report states, Bill Gates and his team are looking for ways to make electronic tattoos can be used by people. Exactly what many people do when using smartphone at the moment.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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