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Are AR mobile games boring in the past? Although there is a Pokémon that allows you to experience the reality of catching Pokémon, or Harry Potter has also made similar AR mobile games, but now even wizards are coming to join in! This “The Witcher: Monster Slayer” (The Witcher: Monster Slayer) is for players to prepare weapons and supplements, and follow the monsters to find and solve them!

In addition to exploration, there will also be plot missions and NPCs in the game. The method of the game is to use the sword on the phone screen to kill monsters. If you are optimistic about the actions of monsters, you can also block them to resist. Sometimes you have to draw and Attack with the same mark that appeared on the screen. After the monster is knocked down, the head must be cut off, and a certain amount can be accumulated to obtain the corresponding reward. After the level is increased, you can strengthen the skills or have different fighting methods or alchemy.

Currently Ios and Android dual platforms are already on the shelves, everyone, hurry up and start exploring at home! One thing to pay special attention to is that the game is linked to the real time and weather. Be careful not to be surrounded by monsters at night!

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