realme GT Neo2 5G and realme Buds Air 2, the latest color, Neo Green, sold together on November 27

really Responding to the calls of fans, the GT Series organizes a special exclusive set that combines two state-of-the-art gadgets. realme GT Neo2 5G and realme Buds Air2-Closer Green to experience the best technology of the year in full With the sleek design of the new tone that is rocking the industry in Thailand like Neo Green, it conveys luxury and beauty. of cutting-edge technology and the power of the new generation outstanding Can clearly convey the distinct personality of Gen Z people.

In addition, Neo Green is the first color work of realme Design Studio, the smartphone industry’s first design studio by a group of designers who truly understand technology and the power of the new generation.

starting from realme GT Neo2 5G Smartphone flagship of the year That has created a buzz among both mobile reviewers and consumers widely. Because it has a unique, elegant design in Neo Green color scheme. It can be said that it is the first smartphone in the industry that dares to use neon green tones with the highest color saturation. Through 7 layers of nano-coating to increase color saturation by 50% compared to conventional procedures. This makes the Neo Green color tone stand out from the smartphone in the general color scheme clearly.

As for the realme Buds Air2 – Closer Green, it comes with an eye-catching green design as well. It further enhances the full experience of NEO Green technology in your life. Weighing only 4.1 grams per side, it comes with a high-performance noise canceling system that can be adjusted in one click without having to remove it. for you to enjoy continuously for 25 hours

For those who want to experience the real machine of realme GT Neo2 5G and realme Buds Air2-Closer Green, which is usually only sold online. This time, fans will be able to try to hold samples at the realme Shop to buy as a special gift during this New Year’s festival. It is scheduled to be released simultaneously on November 27, 2021 at the Realme Exclusive Brand Shop, all 20 branches.

by realme GT Neo2 5G Price 13,990 baht and realme Buds Air2-Closer Green price 2,499 baht including a set price of 16,489 baht (limited stock) with free Car Charger 2 in 1 and 0% interest installment offer for 10 months, including a broken screen guarantee. 1 year free


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