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Recently, OPPO and realme like to play with luminous materials, and mobile phones are not enough. Now they are also focusing on peripheral products. Realme announced its first Bluetooth speaker product in Malaysia, named “realme Cobble”, which is named after its cobble-like round and flat shape.

The realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker has two colors: Electric Blue and Metal Black. The body is designed with a sling that allows users to listen to music while walking. The electronic blue version is designed to resemble the speaker surface. In addition to the camouflage-like pattern, its sling is also added with luminous material, so it will shine in the dark.

realme launches Cobble bluetooth speaker, supports IPX5, water repellent and luminous-2

Regarding the speaker itself, realme Cobble is equipped with a 5W dynamic unit and a bass reflex tube design, which emphasizes that the bass performance will be better; in addition, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 connection and supports AAC and SBC Bluetooth sound effects, although the speaker adopts a monophonic design , But users can pair two Cobble speakers at a time to output stereo sound. In addition, the speaker also supports IPX5 water repellent, so it is also suitable for outdoor activities.

In addition, there is an equalizer button on the speaker body, which can be switched among the three built-in equalizer modes after pressing; it also supports game mode, realme claims that the audio delay of the speaker can be reduced to 88ms in this mode , To avoid the situation of unsynchronized video and audio when playing games.

In the power section, realme Cobble has a built-in 1500 mAh battery capacity, which can provide up to 9 hours of music playback endurance; users can also charge the speakers through the built-in USB-C port. Realme has not announced the time to market and price of the Cobble Bluetooth speakers.

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