Reasons for Prabowo’s Electability to Beat Ganjar and Anies Revealed! IndoBarometer Explain in Detail

Jakarta, – Lately, Prabowo Subianto’s electability has skyrocketed. Even the electability of Prabowo Subianto is a champion from the NasDem Party, Anies Baswedan and Ganjar Pranowo.

So, how can Prabowo Subianto’s electability surpass and defeat Anies and Ganjar? Before going further into that, let’s first look at the results of the Indo Barometer survey.

Based on the Indo Barometer survey, Prabowo Subianto’s electability is superior “head to head” compared to Ganjar Pranowo and Anies Baswedan.

The results of the survey, Prabowo excelled in electability by 38.5% when “Head to Head” with Ganjar who received electability of 35.4%.

In fact, Prabowo is also superior to Anies with a percentage of 40.3% while Anies gets an electability of 30.7%.

“This is a surprise, isn’t it, because Pak Prabowo in the three names is in the number two position, Ganjar is number one, but when it comes to “Head to Head” how come Pak Prabowo is superior?” said Qodari Executive Director of Indo Barometer

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