Rebeca Escribns furious against those who spread the ‘death’ of Tula Rodríguez: “miserable”

True to form, the show host, Rebecca Writes, He decided to ‘show a face’ for his friend Tula and ‘square’ all the netizens who made fun of his delicate health and viralized news of a possible death after not supporting COVID-19.

Miserable, indolent and unhappy! A thousand apologies for so many synonyms together at a time where we should laugh. That such unfortunates of these, to be circulating and take the trouble and everything they have in their little life, in their little time to be spreading that type of news”, She said very indignant.

You heard, there is no oxygen, there is no room (in the hospitals), there is no preference in this country, so put your batteries, take care, do not lower your guard and I am talking about all of Peru”, Writers added.

As is known, Tula spoke through her social networks to deny the photograph of her death that was circulating on the networks: “we can’t be releasing news. I have a family that is very worried about me, about my mother”, He said at the time.

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