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Huh, what does this young lass give himself? To accuse the CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, of having "drunken paint" or of calling the elected representatives "fucking federal government"? And anyway: destruction of the CDU? Zer-sturgeon-ung? It is allowed? Can there be space in this country's democratic and pluralist discourse for such an obscene and threatening gesture? Or how the echauffierte intellectual creator of the controversial video would summarize: Shit, it's violent.

Rezo, the blue-haired Youtuber and a bright orange sweatshirt, created a thrill in the columns of comments and politicians with his "video of destruction" against CDU, SPD and AfD. The video has already been clicked over seven million times, forcing the ruling parties to comment.

Of course you can insist on the many inconsistencies of his logic or question the motivations of the video. But regardless of all the substantive arguments, it is precisely the language of Rezo that is the attraction of his invectives – sorry – his tirade. It is more than controversial opinion polls, it is a reality check for the lucid political speech – eh!

An editorial for the Youtube Generation

Rezo's video collides with two linguistic worlds that rarely come into contact: here the direct and flowing relationship of Youtube, like the deliberately refined ivory tower of politics and media. What Rezo offers is not anger, but unfiltered emotions in ruthlessly direct language. He knows that he gets along, he also makes a leap in the "scientific jargon" in his video and air conditioning expert Maja Göpel in a cutout on it that "the irreversibility of the change of ecological systems in their regeneration was not understood" .

Rezo does not talk about irreversibility or regeneration, he only discovers that the "coal boys" break nature. Rezo does not meditate on "narrative", does not "discursive persuasion", as is often read in the newspapers, makes real talk. His video is an editorial for the Youtube generation – without sentences, but with a lot of anger in the stomach.

Youtuber are political translators

What makes the Rezo language so radical is its common place. Of course, not everyone calls the war of the American drones a "wack" or they constantly use a "really, diggi?" Like a cry. But the fact that people north of the millennial border react amused or confused to the words of the vlogger shows how big the gap is between the language of young people and that of adults.

Influencers, the idols of the digital present, are not simply using youth jargon to reach their target audience. You belong to this too.

Youtuber as LeFloid, ItsColeslaw or Tilo Jung offer not only an alternative view of politics, but also a different way of discussing it. They are mediators between the fronts, opposing the view that complex issues necessarily require a complex language.

Everyone has the big mouth that he deserves

He points out that Rezo also masters the other language when, for example, he describes the AfD as "not cognitively impressive". In the next sentence on the drone war is again a rather political translator: "… your Omma in the garden carrots digs out and then – boom – is shredded by the Americans". The fact that this sounds unusually harsh to many shows only how many levels of abstraction are discussed about the facts, because yes: the Americans are shooting at Ommas.

Politics and the media should be jealous of Rezo's imperturbable nature. It reveals the secrecy of the language of press releases and talk shows in part.

Any policy gets the big juvenile mouth it deserves. The CDU has found his own. Perhaps now often a coarse and no-frills "Digga" creeps into Politsprechsprech. It would be really nice


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