Rebecca pleads after father takes her wedding dress to thrift store: “Cried all the time”

Woman launches search after father accidentally brought her wedding dress to second-hand store: “I’m devastated”© Tiktok

Rebecca Nguyen, a woman from the US state of California, has recently experienced a nightmare. After her parents decided to divorce, they gave away all sorts of things that were in their home. However, one of those items turned out to be Rebecca’s wedding dress, which the lady is now trying to find via a call on Tiktok. “I am devastated,” she said in her emotional video.

Bron: Daily Mail

Monday, May 22, 2023 at 6:11 PM

The dress was accidentally donated by her father to Goodwill, a thrift store in the United States. “I contacted them, and they informed me that it probably went to a warehouse, since they don’t sell wedding dresses there,” Nguyen said. “We don’t know where the dress went afterwards.”

By sharing the video on Tiktok, Nguyen hopes that her wedding dress will turn up somewhere. “I’ve been crying all morning,” she said. “If the internet could do its thing and help me find the dress, that would be great.”

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