World Rebecca Reusch from Berlin missing: student abroad? Investigators are...

Rebecca Reusch from Berlin missing: student abroad? Investigators are following a new trail

Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is still missing. But is there finally the crucial hint?

  • Rebecca Reusch has been missing since February 18, 2019.
  • The girl’s brother-in-law is still suspected by investigators.
  • Now new clues could bring about a change.

Berlin – It is already one of the most mysterious Criminal cases of German history. Since February 2019, the 15-year-old has been missing Rebecca Reusch out Berlin every trace. Is the pupil long dead? Now investigators could follow a new trail.

Rebecca Reusch missing: is the case now being cleared up?

When the then 15-year-old was in the house of her sister Spent the night in Berlin-Britz, nobody suspects that Rebecca would soon be missing. Although no targeting since February 18, 2019 Hints the parents of the girl hoped that the girl would remain there Missing still on a good ending.

The Investigators on the other hand, pulled the early death of the then 15-year-old. The girl’s brother-in-law only got 10 days after Disappear targeted by investigators, Florian R. was initially arrested on February 28, 2019.

Rebecca Reusch from Berlin misses: New clues could clarify the case

Despite large-scale Searches Rebecca still disappears. But could the missing person case be cleared up soon? How picture now reported, investigators hope for new ones traces by Cell phone data from abroad.

There is still no trace of Rebecca Reusch from Berlin.

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How Prosecutor Martin Glage confirmed to the paper, should therefore be searched for the then 15-year-old in other European countries. “We don’t want to leave anything unturned and have one Request for legal assistance to the responsible authorities, ”explains Glage.

Rebecca Reusch misses: Above all, focus on Eastern European countries

Accordingly, the request was made mainly in the Eastern European countries until after Russia, Belarus and in the Ukraine is to be searched for Rebecca now. With the help of the evaluation by the foreign authorities, it could be determined whether the missing person’s cell phone was in the respective country was logged in.

Rebecca Reusch misses: Prosecutor speaks again

Across from picture explains Glage: The Data retention is generously regulated in some states and there are longer storage periods. ”

Investigators are hoping for new clues from the Eastern European countries for a reason. Shortly after the student disappeared, brother in law the girl in the sights of the investigation.

Rebecca Reusch misses: brother-in-law is still suspected

While Florian R. initially claimed after returning from one celebration Having slept soundly on the morning in question, the cook’s car became one License plate detection system registered on the A12 towards Poland. A day later the car was heading towards the freeway again Frankfurt (Or) captured.

Although the brother in law to the records is silent and continues to insist on being in bed in the morning hours in question, the missing Rebecca family continues to believe in his innocence.

Missing cases: There is also no trace of these people

Mysterious case in North Rhine-Westphalia: There is still no trace of the family father Ulrich Jaschke from Dinslaken, who is considered reliable.

Where is Ariadna from Vienna? The student has been missing since mid-May – she wanted to meet an unknown man.

“File number XY” on ZDF should provide information: Birgit Rösing has been missing for almost two years.


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