Rebel Wilson has trouble getting pregnant. “I GOT BAD NEWS”

Rebel Wilson for the past year, she shared with fans the effects of her transformation. Within a dozen or so months, the actress lost over 30 kilos. In an interview with the magazine “People”, Rebel confessed that the whole transformation it wasn’t about numbers, it was about healthier habits.

It has never been my goal to be thin. I don’t focus on the numbers. I still remember myself. I love being in shape and I am still like that, only in a healthier version – she confessed.

Recently Rebel Wilson she confided in the fans on another matter. The star posted a melancholic photo on Instagram and added a touching post to it:

I have bad news and I don’t think I have anyone to share it with today … but I guess I need to tell someone. To all women with fertility problems: I understand you. The universe is governed by mysterious laws and sometimes it all doesn’t make sense. But I hope the light will finally shine through all the dark clouds.

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There were expressions of support from fans in the comments. One of them she wrote Sharone Stone:

I’ve been there many times. There is also good news – I have three beautiful sons.

Next day Wilson updated the post:

I just wanted to say that I woke up this morning and read all those kind messages and personal stories and I don’t know how to express how much it means to me and how much it helped me. Social media helped me connect with others when I was very lonely. Thank you all.

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