Rebel Wilson will host the new Channel 7 reality show Pooch Perfect


Rebel Wilson is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, but the career of our local star is about to take a rather strange turn along the path of Australian television reality.

Domestic television reality.

Announced today, Wilson will participate in a concert that will host Channel 7's new reality show Pooch Perfect, called in reference to the smash at the box office Pitch perfect franchise in which he plays Fat Amy.

The reality program, which will be aired next year, follows 10 professional dog stylists from all over the country as they compete in a series of themed challenges to transform their beloved fur puppies.

The winner – determined by a group of industry experts – will take home $ 100,000.

The Sydney native, Wilson, 39, grew up regularly attending dog shows with her professional dog parents.

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The star stated in a Channel 7 statement that the hosting role was right in her alley.

"My childhood has been full of weekend adventures at dog shows throughout Australia and my family had a caravan shop selling pet products – such as cables, treats and "The best dog styling equipment available," Wilson said.

"This show with Seven will be a lot of fun and show some fantastic dogs and dog lovers. Technically I'm allergic to dogs though … so I hope they can change my sneeze! "

In line with the theme of animals, Wilson will play Jennyanydots in the next film adaptation of Cats along with a handful of listers A including Taylor Swift, James Corden, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba and Ian McKellen.

The first trailer of the live-action musical, which sees its cast covered in a mysteriously realistic fur thanks to CGI technology, was released earlier this month with a mixed response.

Pooch Perfect will be previewed on Channel 7 in 2020.



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