Recalbox 6.0 is now available and now works on Raspberry Pi 3B +

DragonBlaze Recalbox

The long awaited stable version of the popular retro-gaming operating system is finally available for download!

Recalbox 6.0: DragonBlazeis its name, it comes with a lot of new features that should delight nostalgic players, but also open the doors of the retro video game to the largest number

Support for new cards

After several months of preparation and some RCs, Recalbox 6.0 is finally available! Good news for fans of retro games, since it brings its many essential innovations.

In this way, the community will be able to exploit this retro gaming solution on new cards, starting with the Raspberry Pi 3 B +, the latest addition to the foundation's nano-computers. raspberry. Compatibility expected for many months for his performance promises, since Pi 3 B + has slightly stronger arguments than previous versions of Raspberry Pi. With its improved network features (Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 5 GHz) and its 1.4 GHz processor, it should be able to bring a clear advantage on console emulation that can be capricious. Think of the PlayStation or Nintendo 64.

Pi 3 B + is also not the only card on which Recalbox 6.0 extends its support. The operating system also supports the Raspberry Compute 3 module and the Pine64 development boards, Rock64 is Rock64Pro.

30 new emulators

In addition to updating to the most recent versions of the 50 emulators that were already the backbone of Recalbox, 30 new emulators now they are supported, bringing their number to 80! On his blog, the Recalbox team announces support for systems like Atari 5200, Atari 8 Bit, Intellivision, SamCoupé, Amiga CD32, NeoGeoCD, Jaguar, etc.

Finally, a demo mode has been installed on DragonBlaze Recalbox. Long awaited by the owners of arcade kiosks, it allows you to play a random game in "demo mode" after a few minutes of inactivity. Pressing the Start button is sufficient to join the game in question.

Support for Microsoft Adaptive Controller

The philosophy of Recalbox has always been to open the world of retro gaming to as many people as possible. By developing a simple and fast installation system with a clear interface, the bet has already been successful its accessibility, since Recalbox requires very little effort to be set up and picked up. Furthermore, thanks to the support of the Microsoft Adaptive Controller, Recalbox opens its system to a public with disabilities.


In fact, if in the past very few solutions had been considered to make the video game accessible to this audience, Microsoft's adaptive controller has changed the game since its launch in September 2018.

This controller is a true revolution in terms of accessibility since it allows you to create a game environment with many accessories. As the name suggests, theAdaptive controller adapts and configures itself based on the player's handicap. Its exemplary modularity makes it the reference controller for people with reduced mobility, whether they want to play on PC, Xbox or on one of the 80 systems emulated by Recalbox DragonBlaze!


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