Recall (milk) at Weihenstephan and bear brand: Bacteria warning – health hazard

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Just a few hours after the Weihenstephan dairy recalled Milch, the "bear brand" warns of bacterial contamination.

  • The Weihenstephan dairy returns two products of its range.
  • The products are milk and cocoa.
  • Only a few hours later, the "bear brand" warns of bacteria in milk.

Update of November 9, 2019: The milk and cocoa products of the Weihenstephan and Bärenmarke brands are currently being recalled. Due to a faulty valve, they can be contaminated by the "Bacillus cereus" food germ. This germ can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

The course of the disease can be dangerous for pregnant and immunodeficient people. warns,

After the call of Weihenstephan: also "the bear mark" warns of bacteria in milk

Update from November 8th 2019 to 8:21 pm: The Hochwald Foods dairy has national brand fresh milk Bärenmarke recalled due to possible bacterial contamination. Interested is the one-liter package "Il latte fresca" (3.8% fat) with the expiry date 30 November 2019, as announced by the company on Friday.

In the case of the bear brand, routine checks on individual packages reveal contamination with the bacterium Bacillus Cereus, which could cause diarrhea or vomiting. The cause of the contamination is now eliminated, other lots and items are not affected, he said. Had it before fire reported on the recall.

The merchants supplied reacted promptly and took the goods as a precaution from the shelves, said the Rhineland-Palatinate-based company Thalfang. Consumers who have purchased one of the specified items may return the milk to their retailer without presenting the receipt and obtaining a refund.

Milk recall: Dairy Weihenstephan warns customers

Original article dated 8 November 2019, 17:19: Freising – Since health damage is really "unlikely", but cannot be excluded, call the Dairy Weihenstephan now two products from her assortment back. According to one communication, the two products would be affected by a production defect.

Milk recall: Weihenstephan milk is reminiscent of milk and cocoa

Therefore, products may deteriorate prematurely. Like the dairy on her Home page explained, but this is recognizable by the appearance and smell. "At the moment, health problems are unlikely, but they cannot be completely excluded," the company explains in the statement.

So society further explained, the microbiological analysis has not yet been completed, but the technical problem has been solved. The two products concerned are therefore milk is cocoa, The Weihenstephan H-Milk 3.5% in the 1-liter pack and the expiration date 8 January 2020 and the Weihenstephan H-Cocoa in the 1-liter pack and the expiry date 19 February 2020.

Milk recall: Dairy Weihenstephan recalls products after a technical error

However, the remaining dairy products are not affected. Consumers who have products at home could bring them back to the store. There, the product is then replaced or refunded.

A Dutch manufacturer has also distributed its product throughout Germany. Now he warns of food.

Only a few weeks ago contaminated milk was recalled by various discount stores and supermarkets. Meanwhile, Edeka warns against a popular product. The salad may contain plastic foreign bodies.

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