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Recall of organic product: Could contain broken glass – please do not use!

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“Should not be consumed as a precaution”: The organic brand Alnatura recalls a widespread food – because of the risk of injury.

  • A big Organic food company leaves a batch of dried Chickpeas call back.
  • The reason: in the packs could broken glass are located.
  • The details and what you as consumer at Call back *
    should note.

Darmstadt – When the Corona crisis* Initiated and feared by some German food shortages (which have not yet occurred), this long-lasting food was certainly on the shopping list of many things: dried chickpeas. The Company Alnatura calls now as a precaution dried chickpeas your own brand, as it cannot be ruled out that foreign bodies made of glass are in individual packs of the product – risk of injury.

The recall relates to batches of dried chickpeas in the 500 gram sachet of the brand “Alnatura” with the best before date 14/01/2021 and 01/27/2021. The date is printed on the side of the pack.

The Alnatura product, for which there is now a recall for two batches.

© Alnatura

As a precaution, the goods have already been taken out of sale. Other Best before dates of the product are from the recall Not affected.

Recall for organic chickpeas: Alnatura offers substitutes

The organic company asked the affected customers on its website and on social media not to use the product anymore for safety reasons, but to bring it back to the markets. Consumers would go without saying replacement received for the goods.

On Twitter the company replied to a concerned customer on May 20:

“If the pack was bought a few weeks ago, we cannot rule out that it is one of the affected best before dates. Even if you would normally notice pieces of glass when removing or washing them, the product should no longer be consumed as a precaution. “

Product recall from Alnatura: “I am very sorry for the incident”

In its official recall, the organic brand said: “Alnatura very much regrets the incident and apologizes for the inconvenience.” Founded in 1984, the company is based in Darmstadt and sells its products in various drugstore and retail chains . There are also company-owned Alnatura supermarkets.

It is not uncommon for a recall to remove defective products from the market. The most common causes * can be clearly understood. If defective products still find their way into sales, a callback is often started. What that means and that Code of Conduct for Consumers *.


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