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Recen Cenace for protection; allows resume testing of clean energy generators

The clean energy generators defeated the National Center for Energy Control (Cenace).

Through the amparos they promoted, they made the center backtrack in the provisional suspensions that prevented this type of plants from carrying out the preoperative tests they had programs to receive the license that will allow them to connect to the net national electric.

That is, companies such as Solar Resources, Akin Solar, Eólica Tres Mesas, Fuerza Eólica de San Matías, Fuerza Eólica del Istmo, Versailles de las Cuatas, Tai Durango Cuatro Neo, Eoliatec del Istmo, Miter Calera Solar, Eléctrica del Valle de México, FV Mexsolar, Kenergreen, X-Elio FV Conejos Médanos, X-Elio FV Xococotla, ENR AGS, Parque Amistad II, Parque Salitrillos, EGP Magdalena Solar, Dolores Wind and FRV Potosí Solar, may resume testing and has until 9:00 a.m. this Tuesday to deliver their test programs scheduled for May 21 and subsequent days.

In this way, the Cenace reversed the provisional suspension that prevented wind and photovoltaic plants from carrying out these tests, through the Agreement to Guarantee the Efficiency, Quality, Reliability, Continuity and Safety of the National Electric System, on the occasion of the recognition of the epidemic of disease by the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19) issued by the center on April 29 of this year.

After a series of amparos promoted by several companies involved, Cenace issued the official letter No.CENACE / DOPS / 079/2020, dated May 19, through which it attends the courts and withdraws on the application of provisional suspensions to clean energy plants.

The amparos were accumulated in the Public Area of ​​the Market Information System (SIM) and were notified on May 1 to the Direction of Operation and Planning of the System directed by Gustavo Villa Carapia. The letter was copied to the general director of the center, Alfonso Morcos Flores.

The legal direction of the center turned the notices CENACE / DJ / 035/2020, CENACE / DJ / 036/2020, CENACE / DJ / 037/2020 and CENACE / DJ / 038/2020 so that the companies mentioned in the agreement will not apply April 29.

This means that in response to the resolutions of the courts where the amparos were filed, Cenace had to “inapply the agreement” to the companies mentioned above.

For this reason, it argues that “all those generators that, when the contested agreement came into force, were already in pre-operational tests, must be resumed; likewise, those generators that are in the attached list and that during the validity of the contested agreement, have preoperative tests scheduled to be executed in the immediate future, the corresponding license must be granted, prior to the reliability analysis of the National Electric System.

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