Recent Exclusive PlayStation PC Lists on Amazon Were Mistakes

Calm down, calm down. Whether you like the tastes of Days passed come on PC or in arms because it’s sort of Sony “betraying their fan base” or whatever, the rumors are false. Earlier today we returned Days passed PC list on Amazon France – and it turns out that a few other games like Bloodborne, The Last of Us Part II, and Persona 5 Royal has also been listed for PC, but Sony confirmed in a comment to IGN that the lists are errors and that no announcements have been made regarding these titles on PC. “The lists are not exact. We have made no announcement to put these games on PC. ” For Character, Sega also confirmed that it was not correct.

The credibility of these lists may not have been verified, except that Sony recently announced Horizon Zero Dawn for PC after months of leaks and rumors about the exclusivity of the game jump console. Some second-party titles have also been distributed on PC, including the Quantic Dream library and Hideo Kojima Stranding death. So when the PC lists appeared for other PS4 exclusives, it was not too far from assuming that the rumors could carry some weight.

Now, that doesn’t mean these games will certainly not be available on PC, but Sony at least confirms that these particular lists are “not accurate” and that no announcements have been made. That doesn’t rule out future announcements, but at the moment most of the PlayStation exclusives remain under the care of the console.

When Horizon was announced as a PC version, Sony said it does not plan for day and date PC versions for PlayStation exclusives, and that it remains committed to dedicated hardware. So while it’s certainly not a surprise to see Sony bringing at least some of its old PC exclusives after a few years, you can still expect the console to host PlayStation-only headlines you can’t get nowhere else.

[Source: IGN]

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