Reception crisis: the Coordination of undocumented migrants protests against the new asylum measures

This Monday morning, it was still the status quo: in the future federal crisis center, the police do not show that they want to evict the occupants. However, it has always blocked this building since this Sunday evening.

Also this Monday morning, the Coordination of undocumented migrants in Belgium did not mince words to qualify the new measures of the agreement on migration adopted last Wednesday by the federal government: “Lamentable, pathetic, laughable and therefore equal to zero“, she said, calling on the authorities to put in place “a dignified and welcoming asylum policy.

Asylum and migration policy is defunct in Belgium. On the reception of asylum seekers, the Belgian government has again missed the mark“, deplores the Coordination, recalling that “the exceptional humanitarian situation of undocumented people, like that of asylum seekers, calls for an urgent response.“The network considers the absence of a change of course in the political world regarding the reception of exiles to be unacceptable.

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