Recigarum, the new drug to quit smoking in 25 days financed by Health

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The Adamed laboratory announced this Tuesday in Madrid the launch of its medicine in Spain The rest, which expands the range of pharmacological options to quit tobacco. This treatment prescriptionnow available in Spanish pharmacies, is reimbursed by the SNS for smokers who meet the conditions established by the Ministry of Health for the financing of anti-smoking drugs.

The active principle of The rest is cytisinicline (formerly known as cytisine), the same as that of Todacitanwhich since February has also been included in the nomenclature. The laboratory of TodacitanIn 2021, Aflofarm was the first to launch this molecule in Spain, which has been used for decades in other European countries. The great expectation generated by its financing led him to star for months supply problems.

Treatment with this medication consists of take 100 1.5 mg tablets for 25 days, with a descending schedule: you start with 6 tablets a day and end by taking one. In this sense, from Adamed they defend that the presentation of their medicine is the only one that includes a calendared blister to help adhesion.

In addition, the company has made available to patients who begin treatment with its medication a chatbox via Whatsapp to which you can ask questions and reminds you to take the medication, which at the beginning is every two hours.

It also has planned awareness campaigns for the general public and training for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and scientific societies, announces Victor Millan, director of Adamed’s Cardiovascular Business Unit. All of the above responds, in his words, to a way of approaching the launch with a “holistic and collaborative“.

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