Recognition of votes in Florida - Trump sees "electoral fraud"

The most important thing in brief: After the victory of the United States Democrats in the elections to the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump offered co-operation to the opposition party. He sees "an excellent opportunity" to work with the Democrats, Trump said Wednesday at the White House press conference. He cited health policy, environmental protection and the modernization of infrastructure as potential fields of cooperation. Above all, the president of the United States used the post-electoral press conference to praise himself and his party.

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Trump suggests the Florida elections

5.10 clock: After the US elections on 6 November, there is a real dispute over the outcome of two major ballots in the state of Florida. In the race for the governorship and a Senate seat that counts again, because the applicants are extremely close. President Donald Trump kidnapped Senate candidate Rick Scott on Thursday (local time) and hinted at the suspicion of irregularities.

"Law enforcement officials are facing another major corruption scandal about Broward and Palm Beach electoral fraud," Trump wrote on Twitter. "Florida chose Rick Scott." The details of his suspicions have not made Trump. The loss of the Florida Senate seat may decrease, but do not prevent Trump Republicans' victory in the United States Senate. In addition to Florida, the Senate elections are still the results of Arizona and Mississippi. However, even without these states, the Republicans already have a majority of 51 out of 100 seats.

There could be a new vote count in the southern federal state. In the Senate elections, after receiving more results, Republican candidate Rick Scott was down 0.22 points or just over 17,000 votes more than his Democratic opponent and director Bill Nelson. Electoral laws provide a manual recount manual if the result makes a difference of less than 0.25 percentage points. This manual count could take weeks.

A recount of the machine is provided if two candidates are less than 0.5 points. This could be the case for governors after the race, where Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum are only 0.47 points. Nelson called for donations on Thursday to cover possible costs.

Nelson and Gillum have now hired specialized lawyers to accompany any storytelling process. The lawyer for Gillum Barry Richard represented President George W. Bush in 2000. Even then, Florida was the scene of dramatic scenes, they had to tell the votes for the presidential elections between Bush and his adversary Al Gore, who was then stopped by the Supreme Court at the request of Bush. Bush eventually won by a margin of 537 votes.

Trump increases asylum rights for immigrants on the Mexican border

Friday 9 November 2018, 4:50: The United States wants to tighten up their asylum rights. In the future, people should be able to seek asylum only if they cross the US border during an official transition, the Internal Security Department said on Thursday. According to US President Donald Trump sign the new regulation on Friday.

Trump had announced last week a presidential decree calling for a tightening of the asylum law. Before Tuesday's congressional elections had further aggravated his rhetoric against immigrants, he regularly warned against an alleged "invasion" by illegal immigrants. There are thousands of migrants, mainly from Honduras, who are currently on their way to the United States.

At the same time, Trump claimed that he was not against immigration, but that he had to be controlled. Experts expect that the decree will be challenged in court.

In video: clash with CNN – scandal at Trump's press conference

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