Recognize the Causes and Treatment of Pinched Nerves

In some cases, continued Aditya, the pinched nerve requires surgery. However, he warned, if someone experiences lower back pain that does not heal and the doctor states that the nerve is pinched and must immediately operate only from an MRI examination, there is no harm in choosing second opinion.

“If you have to immediately operate, only from an MRI examination, not from a detailed physical examination, get it second opinion from the right doctor, “he said.

Because, back pain or pain itself can occur due to several things. The most common causes of back pain are piriformis syndrome, damage to the sacroiliacal joints and damage to the facet joints.

That all, said Aditya, could not be seen with MRI, let alone with cheaper X-rays.

“Meanwhile, for the pinched nerve that must be operated on, it must be accompanied by disruption of bowel movements (BAB) and urination (BAK), numbness, and weakness of the leg and leg muscles that get worse in a short time. If there are no symptoms like this , no need for surgery, “said the doctor who is also an expert on muscle-joints and sports injuries from Halmahera Medika Main Clinic, Bandung.


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