Recognize the Effects of Diabetes on the Eyes, Experts Recommend a Perik Routine East Java – Diabetics are advised to regularly check themselves to the eye poly. High glaucoma can cause blindness.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Iskak Hospital, Dr. Hera Lesmana, said diabetes is closely related to the eyes.

“Most of the diabetic patients have vision problems. In severe cases, this can lead to bleeding and complications,” he said, Thursday (12/1).

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He revealed that the common symptoms experienced by diabetic patients include dry eyes, reduced vision, cataracts, and even bleeding.

“All the symptoms experienced by this patient lead to a decrease in eye function and as a result, vision is increasingly disturbed and decreased,” he said.

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Therefore, it is important for diabetics to detect disorders of the optic nerve early.

Early diagnosis can help reduce other complications from diabetes.

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“For example, patients only experience dry eye symptoms, this can still be overcome by giving medication and regular consultations. However, if left unchecked, these symptoms can lead to other, more severe symptoms,” he said.

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