Health recommend lower exercise intensity

recommend lower exercise intensity

The doctor of the Municipal Hospital Graciela González Prieto and the sports doctor Carlos Carrizo spoke with The new one. on the use of the mask during physical activity, which next Monday will be enabled in Bahía Blanca individually.

González Prieto indicated that activity with a mask “is a greater requirement because oxygenation is not the same as when you have your face uncovered; that is why it is recommended that people start graduallynot at the same level it was two months ago. “

The doctor pointed out that it is important that both the intensity as the duration of the exercise is less compared to the activity carried out before the pandemic. And remarked that it is vital respect the recommended distances.

The social distance we have is one and a half to two meters. But to walk there has to be between one person and another a distance of 4 meters, to run 10 and to ride a bicycle 20 “, detailed the professional.

And he added: “Always activities have to be individual, in no way do they have to be done in pairs or groups “.

The doctor also indicated that the use of a mask or neck must be respected, as indicated by the municipal authorities. And he stressed that, since oxygenation is not the same, you have to be attentive to the manifestations of the body to know how far to do it and that the activity is healthy.

“The use of the chinstrap, face mask or neck complicates oxygenation so the body will not have what it needs for intense demand and that risks some clinical manifestations such as punctures in the legs that may speak of muscle fatigue, dizziness or fainting, which is what you have to avoid. They can run but they have to lower the intensity of the exercise: listen to the signals sent by the body (fatigue, tiredness, tingling in the legs) and gradually reducing intensity, “said González Prieto.

He also indicated that “the collar is of a different material, more porous than cotton, so it can be more comfortable for those who run. Cotton is also moistened by the same sweat and further complicates breathing.”

For his part, the sports doctor Carlos Carrizo agreed that the activity should be “moderate, from regenerative to subaerobic range“In order to comply with the demanding standard on the use of the mask.

“The mask is used in some clubs or individual athletes to increase physical performance, such as Boca, River or Students. The result of this is that it produces a suffocation and with that suffocation the body responds with an adaptation; it is a survival of the body , better heart rate, increased oxygenation, among other things. This adaptation that occurs between 15 and 30 days achieves that athletes have a better performance, “explained the specialist.

However, he clarified that “in ordinary people, who do not have high performance, it can be dangerous because the body is overexerted, in addition to the fact that the bodies were sedentary due to quarantine and it is more difficult for us to bear these measures to do physical activity. “

The smallest

This week the Argentine Pediatric Society gave a series of recommendations on the use of face masks in babies and children under 3 years of age.

He warned, among other things, that putting face masks on babies and young children can cause suffocation and be fatal.



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